Man is constantly in search of answers to puzzles and a glimpse and insight to issues that affect him but are beyond the natural realm. The spirit of man which is his prime state has a unique means of capturing these IMPULSES, ALERTS AND FEEDBACKS through the FACULTY of:

    * DREAMS

The spiritual realm however from where these emerge is the SEAT OF WISDOM; that is why these Alerts do not come from a literal stand point (95% of the time). They adopt symbolic languages, metaphors, puns, trademarks, similes, parables, etc. this is consistent with the language of the Holy Book-the Bible, which is largely more symbolic than literal. This is where the Interpreter comes in (Job 33:23 KJV)

The dreaming faculty has been put in all men, but just like every other faculty, it becomes developed and better functional- when recognized, appreciated and invested in.

Dreams are relevant to all men but avenues of understanding are scarce; so men are hungry for understanding. This is what we have and are offering to the world at large as a platform for the total gospel message.

Dreams are for guidance
Dreams expose the plans of the enemy
Dream expose our wrong decisions and show us our weaknesses
Dreams warn of impending danger
Dreams announce forthcoming blessings and breakthroughs
Dreams are a wake-up call.

No dream is bad, all dreams are good because dreams like Gods word do not condemn; they edify- even nightmares! They are designed to point the Object or Subject of the dream in the direction of safety.

For the function of dreams is like a cable TV service, it never gets turned off. It is always giving feedback, especially when men go to sleep and stop worrying, but they are coded and require interpreting.

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Our Offer
We offer a machinery for interpretation, guidance, counsel and prayer - akin to that of Daniel and Joseph in the Bible; great heroes whom God used to withdraw men from the jaws of death.


Monthly seminars in different locations all over the worold with a hi-tech presentation style on the subject of Dreams.

The Word of God Revealed
There is no platform more relevant and unique through which to preach and teach the Salvation, Deliverance, Breakthrough & Healing messages of the gospel of Jesus Christ, than the platform of Dreams.
No wonder almost every event of scripture was birthed and crystallized by dreams & visions:
From the call of Abraham (Gen 15:2) to the captivity/deliverance of Israel from Egypt, to the great wealth of King Solomon, to the birth of Jesus and his deliverance from untimely death in the hands of king Herod (Mt 2 :12-15), to the revelation of John the beloved in the book of Revelation.


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Partnership Committment
The seed principle is the most natural course of life - what is sown must be reaped. Gen 8:22
Whatever we invest in must appreciate.
Investing in a course such as this, that is targeted at pulling men from the traps of death, is simply ordaining God’s rule in their lives and De-POPULATING HELL. “For men are naturaly drawn towards the source of help and deliverance” that’s why human beings settle more around water and streams than in the patchy, dry deserts  of the world.

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